Can we go swimming?

From the moment she woke up until she got into the water, Little C has thought/talked/obsessed about one thing and one thing only…swimming. This girl is happy if she is wet and far outlast all of us in the pool. (I’m sure she reminds my parents of someone else at that age, but I’m not saying who)

Needless to say she is in her happy place. 

Not to say that the others don’t enjoy the pool, they just get ready to warm up in the hot tub before she does. 


Like kids in a candy store

Only 2 hours and 45 minutes to go. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my kids are really great travelers.

We have stayed busy this morning. When the kids got into the car they found brand new zippered binders with paper, writing supplies and a few activities such as scavenger hunts and drawing prompts. (I found the binders on sale for $6.50 each, normally $20). The idea is that this will be the organizer for the activities that I give them every few hours. 

So far they have drawn, worked on scrapbook pages (thank you Grammy for organizing the sets so amazingly), played with magnets and felt dress up dolls on the cookie sheets I purchased from the dollar store, read some books and watched some newly downloaded shows on their iPads. 

Another thing that has been fun is a container full of questions or simple tasks. We each have taken several turns, and it is amazing how fast this little container can turn a spiraling mood. 

We breaked for lunch at our traditional stop in the tri cities. 

This place has samples of salsas, jams, candies and ciders (to name a few).

The highlight for the kids, however, is the many jars full of gourmet candy. And trust me, after sitting in the car for 6 hours, wandering around a candy store is a welcome break  (I however find myself on high alert due to this set of cercumstances, no worries though, the kids behaved reasonably well, considering). 


Well, forward, and onward, and here we go again. 

The activity next on the docket. Mini photo albums and dry erase markers so they can see how they would look with mustaches and angel halos. 

Joyfully yours. 

So it begins…

This is the sunrise that greeted us this morning as we forged our path up I-5. As I write this we are an hour into our road trip and so far all is going smoothly. When I went in to wake the kids this morning little C calls out from bed “I’m wide awake. I’m so excited.”

As you can see, all three littles are snuggled in tight to their seats and enjoying newly downloaded shows. 

One of this things I dislike about having a minivan is how I can’t hand things to the kid in the back.  For years I have resorted to tossing things to the back, trying to get it close enough that they can reach it, but not hit them in face. I can’t tell you how many times I have told John that minivans should come equipped with a pully system. Well, I finally did something about it. I tied a rope to a basket and looped the rope around the front and back handles, or in other words, a pully system. Smile. 

Little J is a lot more excited about it than he looks (it’s still early). 

7 hours and 23 minutes to destination.   (And counting)

It’s going to be a good day. 

Joyfully yours.